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It is difficult for me to explain the genius, brilliance and originality behind the masterpieces of JNTHED. In many ways, JNTHED seems to be on a different level, his own level, recreating anime art while establishing a new genre. His work already feels timeless to me, as if anime has been around for centuries and he is one of the long dead masters.

A large part of what gives JNTHED’s work such a unique feel is his radical blend of digital and analog art. I do not know all the details of his process, but it seems that he uses analog mediums, such as oil paints and pencil, as well as digital painting and effects. Some of his work seems to be analog to digital (by way of scanner) while some works are from digital to analog. This blend gives his work a detailed richness at some times, and a minimalistic purism at other times — or both in combined harmony. 

If you love the work of JNTHED as I do, now is the time to look into the prime of this living master. Along with the other links below, there is a link to the page for the last Japanese show JNTHED was in, A Nightmare is a Dream Come True, at the famous Kaikai Kiki Gallery of Takashi Murakami which took place just last month! Keep your eyes open for more.

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Hunter Bonyun

Yes, I love these…. Especially those deer on the top. Great use of light.

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